Providing IT Leadership, Security, and Stability Beyond the Crisis


In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 swept across the globe and changed lives in dramatic ways. In the business world, IT organizations were flipped upside down as we all rushed to understand how to engage a remote workforce. It wasn’t pretty and we all had to face some new realities. We acknowledge that world owes IT leaders a huge debt of gratitude for navigating this triage environment with prudence and strength. Those who evolve and adapt will set themselves and their organizations up for long-term success.

Adapting from 'triage mode' and adopting long-term changes

Be a part of the conversation as subject matter experts discuss the best-practices and tools that will become a part of the new normal for IT leadership as the scramble for troubleshooting patches subsides and our focus shifts toward building a sustainable infrastructure to support the shifting business priorities.

Forward Guidance:

  • Skill development of the end-user
  • Security assessments
  • Troubleshooting voice quality (QOS) on the home network
  • Move to omni-channel for customer service teams
  • Remote management and optimization of call-center resources

Moderated by:
Nate Petry, VP of Business Development @ TTx

Chad Voller, Managing Director @ CTG
Aaron Clark, Technical Account Manager @ TTx

June 11 - Live Webinar

Join Nate, Chad, and Aaron at 10:00am for a 40 minute live presentation with time at the end for a live Q & A.

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What just happened slide

What just happened?

As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun. Many of the technical solutions that the IT departments were forced to adopt weren't completely new, but the sudden and comprehensive culture shift impacted all of us and forced us to adapt. 

We've lost control of home networks, exposed the learned helplessness of the end users within our organizations, and been forced to be responsible for a much wider array of variables.

It's forced us to communicate in new ways, adopt best practices for business continuity planning, business voice quality, and a whole new security protocol to keep up with our HR policy changes around working remotely.

Where do we go from here?

There is a debt that we all must pay, from the C suite to IT leadership to the end user. In the wake of this challenge, there will be opportunity. HR will view a remote workforce as a realistic opportunity and will be more open to shifting their talent acquisition and retention policies. Supported by training policies and initiatives out of the IT group, end-users will adopt more skills to reduce the burden on help desk. Omni-channel communication tools and strategies will be rapidly developed. The structure of the IT department and the skill set of IT leadership will also shift - favoring those who have broad technical knowledge and can lead and manage well with soft-skills.

Where do we go from here slide

Network and Cybersecurity Solutions

The Cyber Technology Group at Bober Markey Fedorovich offers a package of IT, network and cybersecurity services that goes beyond the traditional offerings found in the industry. Working with the C-suite and IT departments, their engagements improve network readiness and cybersecurity infrastructure while providing the tools and systems needed to run an effective, strategic IT department. 

Managed IT and Business Voice Solutions

TTx is an information technology focused provider of best in class solutions and intentional customer-centric service - rooted in the belief that people matter, that credibility is vital, and that the future deserves great care in our present actions. TTx represents a suite of voice and data IT solutions that facilitate an enterprise reach while providing boutique levels of support.